About us

Bhutan Pristine Tours and Trek was founded in 1999. It is owned jointly by Dasho Karma Letho and Mrs. Letho, both of them are an active part of the living culture and traditions of Bhutan. They are your best guarantee that booking your trip with Bhutan Pristine Tours and Trek will become an in-depth experience of travelling in style, of moving through a hidden realm of virgin nature that thrives on the enduring words of ancient Buddhist sages.

The concept of establishing this company is simple. Dasho Karma Letho served the Royal Government of Bhutan for almost 35 years in various departments. In between his tenure, Dasho Letho also served the Ministry of Tourism & Communication as Deputy Minister, an independent in-charge of the Ministry for almost 7 years. With his experience in the field of tourism, he had the perception to open a travel company after his retirement. Finally, he retired in 1998 and his dreams are realized and Bhutan Pristine Tours & Trek came into being in 1999.

Bhutan Pristine Tours & Trek is ably supported by good infrastructure to enable us to offer the best service to our valued clients. Since we specialize in tailoring programs to the tastes and interests of individual travellers and smaller groups, the itineraries and prices mentioned in this site are suggestions of what can be experienced in Bhutan.

You can organize and book your trip with the leading local tour and trekking agency for individual travel from the comfort of your home. We give our personal touch to all our valued clients and take care of their safety & comfort. Customer satisfaction is our motto. Bhutan Pristine Tours and Trek will tailor your journey to your very needs.

You profit from the savings when booking directly with Bhutan Pristine Tours and Trek by being accorded individual service at the price you normally pay for group travel.

Bhutan Pristine Tours and Trek has a simple, but most successful concept for individual travellers who are unused to group travel and cannot but explore on their own.

Furthermore, we know your needs and we do our best that you get what you come for.

The expert guide who accompanies you is there whenever you need them and will be out of your way whenever you desire. Our guides are trained and certified by the Department of Tourism (DOT) to accompany our valued clients.