Bhutan is a paradise for nature lovers with its rare species of rhododendrons, orchids, medicinal plants, animals and especially its rich bird species. The magnificent mountains and lush valleys offer Bhutan with abundant rich natural resources. The pristine forests are ornamented with beautiful flowers and chirping of birds. The abundance of wild flowers, birds and many more plants are yet to be explored. This offers many exciting opportunities to discover more about flora & fauna of this fascinating Himalayan Kingdom. We will also devote our time to experience the cultural sites and the typical ways of life of the people of this enchanted realm.

The unique geographical location and its extensive variation in altitude ranging from 200 meters in the south to over 7000 meters in the north makes Bhutan home to an impressive diversity of animals and plants.

For example, in the southern part of Bhutan we have Asiatic elephant, Greater one-horned rhinos, Gaur, Wild water buffalo, Hog, Deer, Tiger, Clouded leopard, Hornbill, and other mammals and various species of birds. In the north we have Blue sheep, Takin, Musk deer, Snow Leopard, Wolf and more species whose range extends to both tropical & temperate zones and live between these two extremes like, barking deer, serows, Himalayan black bear, Leopard, wild dog, wild boar etc. etc.

Bhutan has a number of threatened species, such as Greater one-horned Rhinoceros, Tiger, Asiatic Elephant, leopard, Golden Languor, Wolf, Gaur, and Musk Deer. Among the country threatened birds are Blyth Tragopan and the Black-Necked Crane. Threatened reptiles include the Indian python and Gharial. Unfortunately, the knowledge of the status of these species is very limited because there have been not much population surveys or field studies of Bhutanese wild life except for Black-Necked crane whose population and habitat is carefully monitored by the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature (RSPN).

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Black-necked crane festival

The first annual Black-Necked Crane festival took place in 1998 at Phobjikha in Wangdue Phodrang Dzongkhag, mainly to create awareness and to involve the public in activities that can lead to conservation of the Black-Necked Crane to foster and encourage understanding related to all phases of conservation of the rare and endangered Cranes and their critical habitat among the local population and visitors to enhance opportunities for tourists to learn more about and better appreciate the local areas, natural & cultural heritage; to raise funds for ecological sustainability and economic development of the local community.

Festival Tours

The festivals in Bhutan are numerous. Each district performs an annual festival (tsechu) that falls on the 10th day of the month of the Bhutanese calendar. It is the spiritual occasion in honour of Guru Padmashambhava, one who was born from a lotus flower and popularly known as Guru Rimpoche, The precious Teacher. Festivals are also social gatherings where people from all walks of life gather to rejoice together, dressed in all their finery.

Thimphu, Paro and Bumthang festivals are the most popular for tourists as they are given most importance. There are other regional Dromches and Tsechus around the year, taking place in different localities of the kingdom, which are equally fascinating. Check the Festival date list. The Tsechu of one temple in Bumthang is well known for taking place almost entirely during the evening and containing exciting fire dances. (Detail itineraries are available on request).

Botanical tour

Almost 70% of Bhutan is under forest cover, with varieties of species from tropical to alpine. Bhutan is also known as the land of medicinal herbs and over 5000 species of plants are found in Bhutan. Some alpine and sub alpine flowers include lichens, mosses, tiny rhododendrons, nivale, edelweiss, blue puppy and varieties of primula. The high altitude grazing lands are carpeted with a multitude of wild flowers and in the tropical and temperate regions we have varieties of pines, many broad leaf species, oak, chestnut, rhododendrons and many more. (Detail itineraries are available on request)

Fishing tours

The most common fish in Bhutan are the rainbow trout and salmon, found in fresh water, rivers and lakes. (Contact us for detail itinerary)

Pilgrimage tours

Bhutan is a Buddhist country housing many holy places and shrines dating back to the 7th century. The Kichu in Paro and Jampa in Bumthang are few of the many to (Contact us for detail itinerary

Meditation & retreat

Bhutan or the Land of Thunder Dragon is the only country in the world where a tantric form of Mahayana Buddhism is practiced. Many Buddhist saints & scholars visited this sacred land since the 7th century A.D for meditation and retreat. Since then Buddhism flourished and many temples, monasteries and Dzongs (fortress) had been built by these great saints. These monuments are indeed the unique feature in a world where materialism has overruled spiritualism. Most of these monasteries & temples are ideal place for those who want to practice meditation or enter into retreat. Since Bhutan is a small country with a small population, the sacred places are intact and still revered by all the Bhutanese and even people from outside. There are also numerous monasteries & temples dating back to the 7th century all over Bhutan. These places are ideal for meditation & retreat.

*Detail itineraries are available on request