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We Specialize in tailoring programs to the taste and interest of individual travellers and smaller groups

Bhutan Pristine Tours and Trek was founded in 1999. It is owned jointly by Dasho Karma Letho and Mrs. Letho, both of them are an active part of the living culture and traditions of Bhutan.

We offer your best guarantee that booking your trip with Bhutan Pristine Tours and Trek will promise you a profound experience, an experience of travelling in style-of moving through a hidden realm of pure nature that thrives on the enduring words of ancient Buddhist sages.

The leading local tour and trekking agency for individual travel from the comfort of your home.

We give our personal touch to all our valued clients and take care of their safety & comfort.

Why choose our company?

Why Bhutan?

Trip to Bhutan is an opportunity to experience a Himalayan Buddhist culture

Unique architecture and the breathtaking Himalayan landscape.

A traditional way of life that has been upheld to the present day in all of its aspects

Bhutan Pristine Tours and Trek

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100% service oriented Together, a perfect travel experience is guaranteed

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"Customer Satisfaction is our Satisfaction".

Bhutan Pristine tours and trek will tailor your journey to your very needs.