• Meditation & Retreat

    Bhutan or the ai???Land of Thunder Dragonai??? is the only country in the world where tantric form of Mahayana Buddhism is practiced. Many Buddhist saints & scholars visited this sacred land since the 7th century A.D for meditation and retreat. Since then Buddhism flourished and many temples, monasteries and Dzongs (fortress) had been built by these great saints. These monuments are indeed the most unique feature in a world where materialism has overruled spiritualism. Most of these monasteries & temples are ideal place for those who want to practice meditation or enter into retreat. Since Bhutan is a small country with a small population, the sacred places are intact and still revered by all the Bhutanese and even people from outside. There are also numerous monasteries & temples dating back to the 7th century all over Bhutan. These places are ideal for meditation & retreat.

    Guru Rimpoche who came to Bhutan in the eighth century A.D., first introduced the tantric form of Mahayana Buddhism in the kingdom.

    Anyone interested to practice and experience it may kindly contact us for details. Pristine Druk-Yul Tours & Treks will tailor your program and take care of your every need.