• Geography

    The ai???Land of Thunder Dragonai??i?? or the kingdom of Bhutan is located in the eastern Himalayas and lies between Tibet in the north and northwest and India to its remaining borders. It is a landlocked and mountainous country. The Himalayan highland reaches the height over 7,300 meters. The total area of the kingdom is 47,000 square KM, which is as big as Switzerland. It is composed of three geographic regions: the high Himalayas of north, the hills and valleys of central region and foothills and plains of south.

    Water resources in Bhutan are abundant and have the potential to generate more than 10,000 MW of electricity.

    Currently Bhutan produces approximately 600MW of power and big project like Tala, Kurichu and Basochhu near completion this three project together generates approximately 1200MW of power. Apart from domestic consumption almost 80% of the power is exported to India and is one of the major source of Bhutanai??i??s income.