• Trashi Yangtse

    Trashi Yangtse (Altitude 6,000 feet)

    • Chorten Kora: The stupa, similar to Budhnath in Kathmandu, Nepal is one of the most sacred monuments of Bhutan built in 1740.In the second month of the Bhutanese lunar calendar a religious festival which is mainly to circumambulate the stupa is organized. It is time to see the Bhutanese display their spirituality as well as socializes.
    • Local Bhutanese Paper Mill: It is also possible to visit local paper mills, mainly owned by individual families in the process of making Bhutanese papers (Desho), using traditional tools and methods.
    • Local Wood carving mill: You can also visit wood carving mill which are also owned individually by the families. It is time to see the process of carving wood into beautiful bowls, plates, ladles, spoons, etc. using traditional method and tools.
    • Institute of Zorig Chusum: Perched on a ridge above the town lies the Institute of 13 traditional crafts. Here the students are trained to make masks and bowls; paint; stitch; embroidery, etc.
    • omphu Kora is a place of pilgrimage. Every year on the 2nd month of the Bhutanese calendar, a festival which involves circumambulation of a large rock under which Padmasambhava meditated and subdued an evil spirit is organized.