• Trongsa

    Trongsa (Altitude 7,300 feet):

    • Chendbji Chhoeten: Before arriving to Trongsa (if traveling from west to east) you will have opportunity to see the Chendenbji Chhoeten similar to Boudhnath in Kathmandu in Nepal.
    • Trongsa Dzong: The Dzong is filled with history as it was the capital from where the eastern part of Bhutan was controlled by the Trongsa Poenlop, Governor of Trongsa. The Dzong had also witnessed many civil wars.
    • Trongsa Ta Dzong: The Ta Dzong which is on a hillock overseeing the Trongsa is currently under renovation. Once it served as a watch tower for Trongsa Dzong.
    • Kuenga Rabten Dzong and Nunnery: Kuenga Rabten Dzong was the winter palace of the Second king of Bhutan. You can also visit the Nunnery. It is approximately one hour drive from Trongsa town.
    • Tashiling Lkahkang, the houses a statue of Avalokiteshvara is a place where the Royal family camped in the olden days. It is also few kms before reaching Trongsa town.
    • Tsheringma chu is a water that is believed to give long life and voice to anyone who drinks it. It is few kms before reaching Trongsa town.Ta Dzong is now converted in a museum. It houses some of the rare artefacts of the Wangchuck Dynasty of Bhutan.When travelling from Trongsa to Bumthang you can also stop at Dorji Goemba. The cremation Ground here is considered very sacred.