• Trashigang

    Trashigang (altitude 3,775 feet)

    • Trashigang Dzong: The dzong serves as the spiritual and temporal seat. In the past, it withstood several Tibetan invasions as well as civil wars. In the courtyard, before entering the Dzong, you can see Iron Chain that was once used for constructing bridge by a Buddhist Saint called Thangthong Gyalpo in the 15th Century.
    • Trashigang Town: You can also pay a visit to the town which is enclosed on three sides by mountains. If you are lucky, you would be able to see some Brokpas, an ethnic group from the villages of Merak and Sakteng, north east of Trashigang. Their dress which is different from that of the Ntaionl Dress of Bhutan is a special attraction.
    • Merak People
    • Gomphu Kora: About 30 minutes drive from Trashigang town is Gomphu Kora. It is a place where you see a massive rock under which is also a cave. This is where Padmasambhave meditated to subdue the evil spirit in the locality that caused harm to the inhabitants. Today, there is also a temple nearby. A festival is celebrated every year sometimes in March.
    • Rangjung town houses a Tibetan style monastery, a school, a booming town and paddy fields in its environs. It is the gateway to Merak Sakteng villages of north east Trashigang. They are the semi-nomads who wear different costumes that draw the attention of even the Bhutanese.